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How to set up an email account on your iPhone.
Below is a simple guide to setting up an email account on your iPhone. Alternatively you can download this guide here.   To set-up your email account on an Iphone please ......
Last Update: 2011-03-07 Views: 19
How to delete email messages on the 'server'?
These instructions show you how to easily disable the option of keeping all emails on the server - enabling your emails to be permanently deleted automatically from your webmail once recieved ......
Last Update: 2011-01-20 Views: 20
How Do I Download and Install My eLetterhead Design
Once you have received an email containing a link to your eletterhead template and instructions you will need to click the link, download the file and unzip the contents. To unzip ......
Last Update: 2010-08-04 Views: 4
How do I set-up my email in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
To set-up your email account using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 please follow the simple steps below Start Outlook. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings. On the E-mail tab, click New. ......
Last Update: 2010-04-30 Views: 13
I can’t receive emails, why is this?
This may be because your mail box is too full; you need to delete some emails from your inbox. If this still doesn’t solve your problem please call our customer services ......
Last Update: 2009-08-17 Views: 16
How do I set-up my email in Microsoft Outlook Express?
To set-up your email account using Outlook Express please follow the simple steps below: Go to Tools and then Accounts. On the Internet Accounts window click Add and then Mail. Type ......
Last Update: 2009-08-12 Views: 66
How do I set-up my Blackberry to receive emails from my domain name?
EMS Internet are unable to offer direct support for individual BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry functionality however mailboxes can usually be set up to receive email e.g. The process uses BlackBerry's Internet ......
Last Update: 2009-07-09 Views: 24
I would like to set an email address up on my domain name, how can I do this?
Once you have decided on what email you would like, you need to contact our customer services team and they will set this up for you, once they have done this ......
Last Update: 2009-07-09 Views: 45
I can’t remember the password for my email, how do I request another one?
Please contact out customer services team on 0870 0630 788 and they will reset this for you....
Last Update: 2009-07-09 Views: 12